Wisdom Teeth Extraction – What To Expect

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My girlfriend lovingly has made me lots of rice pudding and I’ve lovingly heated up canned soup and I’ve begrudgingly ate both for the last three days after getting two wisdom teeth removed three days ago. Honestly, it hasn’t been that terrible because I only had two removed (instead of all four), but it’s still very uncomfortable. Just to give all you folks who have never experienced this a taste of what you can expect… read the time line for the last three days.

10:15am: I go under. The process was painless… they stuck an IV into my left arm right into my vein, the same vein I use to donate my blood, and it’s quite a fatty so there aren’t any problems there. I try to stay conscious as long as I can so I can fully feel like what it’s like to go under since it’s my first time. They put a pulse thing on my finger, strap on blood pressure stuff to my right arm, and the oral surgeon tells me to pick out a nice dream. I pick the nice one about how my girlfriend and I went on a cruise to the West Caribbean a few years ago. Then I pick out the one with the other girlfriend (aaaah just kidding). I would’ve thought of sugar-plum fairies but I have no idea what they look like. They strap on a few other things, put some stuff on my face, and I feel the same exact sensation I felt when I (allegedly) puked all over a mall in Cancun my freshman year. Everything gets all bright and I black out.

10:xxam: I’m half awake somehow, feeling the dentist drilling apart the left tooth and pulling out the pieces. It doesn’t hurt and I know what’s going on so I don’t freak out or anything. I remember my friend said this happened to him so I just sort of pretend everything’s cool. I open my eyes, look at the surgeon, look around, wonder if he cares that my eyes are open, and the next thing I know we’re done.

10:45am: I’m sitting in a chair waiting for my girlfriend to come back with two pieces of gauze in my mouth that hurt like hell. The nurse hands me two containers of pills, amoxicillin and vicodin, and tells me not to spit. I promptly spit out blood into the toilet and she scolds me. My girlfriend comes back and we drive home. I know why they say not to drive because I feel ridiculously drunk, like twelve beers in two hours type drunk, except it’s light out (not that that’s never happened before) and it’s before noon (also, not like that’s not happened before, I did attend 4+ years of higher education after all).

11am: I eat the pills, lie in bed, PTFO.

6pm: Girlfriend wakes me up, I eat more pills and some rice pudding. It’s good since I haven’t eaten since 6pm the day before (rules of anesthesia, no eating). It’s also good because it’s the first time I’ve had it in about ten years.

+1 day, 7am: I wake up for work feeling pretty good. My girlfriend is apprehensive about me driving to work since the rule is no driving within 24 hours but I feel good.

+1 day, 8am: I sit at work, groggy from the vicodin, the world is a blur around me. I feel absolutely and entirely… useless.

+1 day, 10am: I realize I can’t do anything and I’d be better off sleeping. I manage the drive home without incident. I sleep for many many hours.

+1 day, 5:59pm: At some point my girlfriend asks me if I asked for my two wisdom teeth. I mention to her that I was on drugs and was thinking about how I was going to stop the Joker and the Penguin from destroying Gotham tonight, especially if I can’t drive the Batmobile for 24 hours. She realizes that I’m on drugs and thus not in the full frame of mind to actually ask for my teeth back, let alone realize I’m not Batman.

+1 day, 6pm: I’ve just slept 8 hours a mere 2 hours after sleeping like a million hours. I eat some more rice pudding, which is still tasty, and soup but girlfriend is nowhere to be found. I realize she works 2nd shift so she’s doing crazy stuff in a biosuit. I think I fiddle around online for a few hours, play cards online, then pass out at around 11pm. Somewhere in there I eat ice cream.

+2 days, 7am (today): I really feel pretty good now and I have a great productive day at work. I still look like a chipmunk, my girlfriend mentions this to me, and my friends still ask me if I want to go grab a hamburger or a beer (while I secret vow to crazy glue their phones to their faces) but otherwise it’s a regular day. I tried to eat a shrimp salad croissant sandwich at a meeting today… it was like trying to put a wet dog in a bathtub (messy and I looked silly) and generally a bad idea.

+2 days, 8pm: I eat some soup. Rice pudding is on holiday tonight. I skip the ice cream, wouldn’t want all those empty calories!

+2 days, 11am: Right before I’m about to go to bed, my nose starts to bleed (I have had nose bleeding problems, it’s from my days as a numchuck-wielding barenuckle boxer) but it goes into my mouth and I think my stitches have busted or something. I managed to figure out it’s just my nose, stop panicking, and fix the situation. I eat more pills and I’m ready for bed and ready for all this to be over. Soon.

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150 Responses to “Wisdom Teeth Extraction – What To Expect”

  1. Sharon says:

    I got all four of my wisdom teeth cut out yesterday. I was told to get my wisdom teeth out at the age of 16( I am now almost 19) so apparently it wasn’t too big of a deal since I had no problems. I was lazy with making an appointment with the oral surgeon lol.

    I went to the oral surgeons office around 9am. My procedure wasn’t until about 9:30am but he was late while working on another girl.

    Once I came into the room the nurse put monitor gel tabs on my chest and rib cage to monitor my heart rate, along with a finger monitor.

    the oral surgeon finally came into the room and put a nose mask on my face. he gave me nitroxcide or however you spell it along with anesthetic in my right arm. I was awake through the whole thing but I didn’t feel anything besides some pressure.

    he gave my mother three prescriptions of drugs. he told me that I needed a higher dosage of percocet since my body is apparently immune to narcotics haha.

    after being wheel chaired to our car my mom drove to the local pharmacy to get my meds and then we headed home and i was knocked out cold-without me even taking the meds yet. it was weird. well i woke up about 8 hours later and then my mother told me to take all three pills and then use the prescription mouthwash.

    This is my first day post surgery and my face is pretty swollen. I’m glad I decided to take two days off work but I honestly would’ve been alright working-besides being sleepy from the meds.

    I’m hoping my face won’t be too swollen tomorrow because I’m excited about getting out of the house and going back to work.

    i guess we will find out!

  2. Vickie says:

    Hey everybody! I went to work Sunday night 11-7am then i had a hour till I had to be at the dentist. So I smoked my cigarette then I went in to the dentist about 8am. I had to get 2 wisdom teeth extracted both on my left side 1 top and 1 on bottom in the back. They gave me like 2 or 3 shots in my gums. Wasn’t all that bad. I was only there for like a half hour! I wanted to smoke a cig so bad but I couldn’t and didn’t because they said if I did I could get dry socket..NO WAY!! So I just hung out at home and I was off work that night went to bed at 3am then go up at 12pm and smoked my cigarette!! I still have a little pain on my left side but not very bad, I took 2 iprohin(close enough). Well gotta nap and get ready for work got 2 hours! Bye

  3. diane says:

    I was so scared because 2 wisdom and a molar were going to be extracted i was so nervous arrived to my appointment the dentist gave me laughing gas and iv sedation no idea after that it seem like it was done so fast that I was laughing because i couldnt walk straight>

  4. Dylan says:

    Hi my name is Dylan I’m 17 and am now on my third day after surgery. I had two wisdom teeth pulled and three molars pulled. The right side feels fine but the left feels like my jaw is clamped down. I can barely open by mouth and it hurts to swallow. This is probably the worst pain I’ve ever had since I had surgery on my clubfoot. Does anyone know if it is normal to still be bleeding? My oral surgeon prescribed me vicodin but it doesn’t work. Please someone tell me what ican do for this. Thank you!

  5. Mo says:

    All 4 WT impacted, all 4 removed. Surgeon prescribed steroids, antibiotics and painkillers. Very little swelling, very little pain. In 24 hours felt good to go. Followed all instructions carefully, soft foods, salt water rinses, soft foods, no straws or spitting. took it very easy for 5 days. Highly recommend STEROIDS!!!!! Comparable to having a baby with an epidural versus not.

  6. kyle says:

    Second day of recovery for the extraction of my lower two wisdom teeth, I can’t sleep because my face is so swollen, it’s seriously huge. I can hardly open my mouth, and i noticed that when i talk for more than 10 minutes i start to bleed a bit. Well gonna go throw on a movie and see if i can sleep.

  7. jennifer steele says:

    well i got my bottom ones out awhile ago and i am getting my top pulled on the 19 th so i know how you feel

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just got my wisdom tooth cut out and all my teeth on that side are hurting is that normal?
    also my ear on that side is killing me

  9. Ellie says:

    Got 3 impacted wisdom teeth out last week, and while the first day was awful, I’m on day 6 and doing fairly well. My ears hurt in the beginning too, but not horribly. So Anon, if you’re in a lot of pain, I say call your doc. I’m still working the chipmunk look, but much better than on days 3-5!

    My best advice is to take as much time off work as you possibly can to rest/sleep. And have LOTS of movies ready to watch! (Netflix streaming movies really got me through.) Also let your doc know if pain meds make you nauseous BEFORE you have surgery. That way they can give you something to help with the nausea/vomiting. Other than that, follow the post-op instructions the dentist/surgeon gives you and you should do fine.

    Great nutritious foods to try if you’re tired of pudding and soup:

    -baby food (the chicken kind is good for complete protein; all the fruit varieties are yummy, lots of flavors to choose from, all very healthy)
    -baby rice cereal with fruit juice
    -smashed sweet potatoes
    -smashed avocados (can put them through a strainer to prevent chunks)
    -mashed potatoes with gravy
    -baby yogurt (yummy flavors, has no chunks, made from whole milk to help you get enough calories to heal)
    -ice cream and cheese cake (okay, so they’re not healthy, but they have calories and they make you feel better!)
    -Ensure or SlimFast
    -saltines smashed into chicken broth to make a soft mush (sounds gross, tastes pretty good if you’re nauseated)
    -scrambled eggs

    I hope everyone feels better soon! And if something doesn’t feel right, call your surgeon/dentist, even if it’s after hours. After all, you paid a lot of money to get those teeth out! It’s the least they can do. (-:

  10. Wes says:

    I got all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth pulled last Monday, and I haven’t had any pain whatsoever. The only thing that was worrying me was this hole in my gum/cheek- and inside of it I can see a little white chunk. I’m not sure if that white chunk is a piece of tooth or bone or food or what, but the hole itself doesn’t hurt at all- aside from if I accidentally puff out my cheek when pronouncing certain words and it stretches the wound.

    I was able to walk just fine immediately after waking up from the anesthesia coma; I had double vision and a hangover-like feeling for awhile after. I kept up with the Ibuprofen and the anti-biotic pills, and gargled with this stuff called Peridex, and everything seems to be fine except for the freaking hole in my mouth.

    I’m worried that the stitches fell out, or something. But that isn’t very likely is it? All of my other surgical sites have healed up completely already except for the one- and I’m really bummed about not being able to eat normal food, for fear of some stray leftovers getting caught in that little flesh cave in the lower right of my mouth. 🙁

  11. Kelly says:

    I had my Wisdom Teeth on on Friday Feb 12th. I was really nervous and I had really high blood pressure. They put me out that wasn’t bad I woke up a little funny feeling . I got to the car. Drooling blood and stuff mouth filled with gauze. Had to drive an hour back to my hometown.

    1st day not so bad.

    2nd day not so bad. Can’t eat solids food. only eating mashed potatoes and yogurt.

    3rd day pretty bad pain.

    4th day not bad got to work was able to talk to people.

    5th day pain pretty bad. Still not able to eat solid foods .

    6th day TERRIBLE PAIN . Left work went home slept and got really sick from pain medicine since nothing is solid in ur stomach.

    7th day TERRIBLE PAIN I’m worried I’m not suppose to be in that much pain. I do not have gaping holes in my mouth due to my were compacted and all i see is stitches. But pain in my teeth and jaw. I go to get my stiches removed tomorrow I hope the pain stops

  12. Nathan says:

    Alright so today is Saturday Feb 20, I had 4 wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday the 17th @930am.

    3 were impacted and 1 was already in and normal however there wasn’t enough room for it.

    According to the x-rays the Doc said it would be a super easy extraction compared to most because my roots haven’t fully developed.

    I get the IV put in my arm (no worries, because part of my job is drawing blood so i’m used to getting stuck with needles). And then black out.

    About 5minutes before the procedure is over i start waking up/feeling groggy and remember him tugging on the last tooth. It did not hurt one bit however. I was just a little more aware of what was going on.

    He tells me that i’m funny and we were talking about sports (i coulda swore I was asleep lol). And also mentions that it was one of his harder procedures because my bones are a lot stonger/dense than most, and that i may experience more than typical pain from recovery. Also mentions days 3/4 being the worst because he put a steroid in the IV as well and it will be wearing off

    So I go home day 1 with percocet and ibuprofen. I’m starving but don’t dare eat anything. Oh and still have guaze in the whole evening.

    Day 1 I go to bed feeling good, haven’t needed any percocet yet just ibuprofen, and keeping ice on my face to stay not swollen.

    Sleep pretty good, wake up day 2 (thursday) and feel pretty decent again. Only thing I have been eating is apple sauce, yogurt, rice, and oatmeal.

    Wake up Day 3 (yesterday/friday) and my jaw is killing me my face is ridiculously swollen and I just wanna lay in bed, the pain woke me up at 8:00 though. So i take an ibuprofen and relax, 3 hours later I take 2 percocet and veg out on the couch.
    Rest of the day goes fine, nothing out of the ordinary. I have been washing my mouth with warm salt water 3-4 times per day to avoid infection, haven’t been sucking, haven’t sneezed or coughed either. Doing everything i can to avoid dry socket as i hear its AWEFUL

    Today (day 4). Wake up and my face is KILLING me again, I freak out thinking I have a dry socket, but then think well maybe its because I haven’t had ANY type of pain pill in over 12 hours now, and i probably ended up sleeping on one of my sides squishing my face.

    So at 9am I pop a ibuprofen and watch a movie. About halfway through my mouth is feeling a lot better. Then at noon I take 1 percocet to stay on top of the pain.
    Its now 3 and I’m taking another ibuprofen. My regimen is 1 ibuprofen every 6 hours and percocet as needed, have only taken em twice, when I do take the percocet i take it 3 hours after ibuprofen. That way it holds me over until i take another ibuprofen.

    My mouth is starting to feel a little pain again. mostly my jaw from it being pried open i imagine. Its more of an annoyance than anything i don’t feel debilitated.

    Hopefully tomorrow the pain won’t be bad, i’ve moved up to eating mac n chz as well as spaghetti all cut up. I’m paranoid about food getting in the holes even though 3 are stitched up, so i take small enough bites to swallow whole lol.

    All in all, i would prefer not to have to go thorugh this again, and i was very nervous because I’ve had bad experiences with the dentist (i knocked out a couple teeh when i was 10. But it wasn’t bad.

    Can’t wait to be 100%!!! I’ll keep posting how days 5, 6, etc go. Still keeping my fingers crossed that i don’t get a dry socket. From what i was told, I’ll know if i have one because not even percocet will touch the pain.

    Best of luck to you getting em out soon! And don’t get nervous its really not bad.

  13. Chynna Hooper says:

    im 16 and am suppose to get my WT’s removed on march 11 im a little scared i have to get all 4 removed because my teeth are crowded and even tho they are comin in straight i wont have room for them when i get my braces does anybody have any advice?

    • Tori says:

      i’m exactly the same, except i don’t have/need braces. how did your procedure go? i’m scared out of my mind. i’m getting mine taken out tomorrow…or i guess it’s technically today at 2pm.

  14. shauna says:

    you’ve all heard about impacted WT and how hooooooorrrrrible it is to remove them and the healing process afterwards. i am a 19 year old girl and i just had my surgery on monday the 22nd of march. all four of mine were impacted and i had NO BLEEDING, minimal swelling and the simplest drugs which i probably could have done without. i have no pain tolerance.. seriously i was so nervous its not even funny. im on day 3 now…and i woke up at 6ish am with the most pain ive had so far so i took my ibu profen and two tylenols and an bag of frozen pease and here i am two hours later fine and dandy.. the nurse did however tell me that wednesday(today) would be the worst day of all so hopefully the pain i have already experienced is the worst its gonna get. if not, they prescribed me some oxycontin and i can fill the script if i cant handle the pain. but so far, nothing some mashed potatoes scrambled eggs frozen peas and tylenol cant fix!!
    so really.. dont listen to EVERY single horror story you hear .. whether u have 4 impacted like me..none impacted or whatever ur scenario is. every person is different and will react and recover differently than the next person, trust me. your doctor will tell you how your surgery will go..mine said it would be one of the simplest(remember..FOUR IMPACTED!) but then again i had one of the best doctors in the area. no but seriously dont worry!! just follow instructions, watch tv, get pampered and you will be fine in no time! the worst part is the nerves and the waiting. i promise you that.


  15. jen says:

    getting all 4 pulled out today under anethesia. i’m a rn and am scared out of my mind. hope it all goes well

  16. hannah says:

    i had all 4 wisdom teeth out 2 days ago. partially impacted, 3 of the 4 were already partially in (no room to go in all the way)

    i’ve had almost no pain from it. i haven’t had to rely on the percocet i was given. i haven’t had solid foods yet (i’ve been drinking ensure and other protein shakes) but i’ll have some yogurt and fruit cups later today.

    anyway, it was a lot better for me than i expected it to be. so not everyone has a horrible time

  17. Kelly says:

    I had seven teeth removed on Thurs 27/5/2010, including four wisdoms – two bone impacted, one bone impacted tooth above and to the left og my front teeth and two others at the front. I was so nervous I was dry-retching the whole way to the day surgery. I was completely freaked out! I had the proceedure done under a general anaesthetic. I took pain medication straight away, which was hard with a numb mouth but I managed. This made all the difference!!! I stayed on top of my pain meds every six hours whether I was in pain or not, I didn’t let it get hold of me. I also applied ice packs non stop for the first 3 days. Bleeding stopped about 20 minutes after I got home on the first day and none since. Swelled up like a balloon on day 2, and I felt like I had been chewing gum intensely and non stop for about a week, no unbearable angonising pain though. It’s miserable and uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad as you imagine. On a pain scale of 10, it would be a 3 to 4 on day 1 and 2, 5 to 6 on day 3, and by day four I’m only taking pain medication when I require it, which is when I sleep or lay on my back I get a pain in my right jaw up to my ear and above my eyebrow which is natural considering I’ve just had teeth and bone removed from my skull. Other than that, I just miss eating, I’m still on mush and liquid, but getting better. The human body is really resilient. My advice is that it is totally normal to be freaked out by the thought of having your teeth out and that no one can tell you about pain or what its like. Everyone has a different experience and some handle it better than others. I can only tell you that you will cope and get through it, it’s only temporary, and to make your home, work or wherever you are going afterward, really comfortable, with all your favourite things that make you feel good when you’re not feeling so good. Love and sympathy and blankets and feel good movies and loads of ice packs and pain killers and you’ll be sweet. Just follow the care instructions religiously and no straws or smoking and try not to read too many comments about it on the net because some idiots just like to freak you out. It’s not that bad really, miserable yes, but you’ll make it. Good Luck.

    • Kelly says:

      oh, and when I say that I have that pain when I lie down on my back, It’s nothing that one paracetamol tablet can’t knock the edge off, so no worries! The anticipation was by far the worst thing about having my teeth pulled.

  18. Kimmy says:

    I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago, and am still in loads of pain. 3 were easy removals, and one was impacted under bone, as well as right on top of a nerve. I was put under general anesthesia which I was nervous about, but the surgeon assured me it would be much easier than hearing the teeth/bones break. It was over before I knew it, and happy as can be due to the sedation effects. I was prescribed amoxycillin due to the impacted tooth, vicodin, and motrin. I ran out of vicodin at the start of day 4, and was in a lot of pain. I returned to the surgeon’s office, and she told me there was no dry socket, and all looked fine. She gave me a refill on the vicodin, and a huge syringe to flush my mouth out with after eating or smoking. It is now day 5, and the closest I can get to regular food is a mushed up peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Even that and the pudding still irritates the one side. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Still in too much pain.

  19. ANNA says:

    I get all 4 wisdom teeth extracted on the 20th and 2 are impacted. I am very scared and have been in so much pain(every time they come up part way, then go back down) The glands in my neck by my jaw swell to the size of giant grapes and are very tender. I start my pre-antibiotics today. I am regretting not getting them out sooner but couldn’t due to a lack of money..

  20. Runs says:

    I just had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday…I CANNOT take any kind of pain!!! This is a lot easier than I excepcted…its more annoying than anything. I cant really talk to much and my jaw is a little sore but other than that I plan on going shopping later (my friend of course is driving, since the meds have taken over) Anyways, it was my first time going under and I cannot believe how much easier it is than I thought it was. I guess everyine reacts different but lemme tell you im the scared-iest of all scardy cats and if I can get through it withour too many complaints…so can you!!!

  21. John says:

    i go tomorrow to have one wisdom extracted and a filling on number 15. i have never been under before and am pretty nervous of the idea since drugs don’t usually work on me the same way they do on others. usually the problem is i have a high tolerance for drugs so hopefully no problems. I’m sure it will be no worse than the 3 hour root canal i had to have done by the same dentist so not too worried. anxious really. my biggest problem is that like i said i have a higher tolerance than most to most drugs so i’m a little worried that my doc will prescribe the usual pain meds that dont work very well for me and dont know how to ask him for different ones like percocets without sounding like a dope head. hopefully there isn’t much pain but my root canal sure hurt like hell. couldnt eat for two weeks on that side of my mouth after i had it done. he couldnt put a crown on until he extracted this wisdom though so have to have it done. plus its cutting my cheek and causing major pain, especially when i wake up in the morning so it will be good to get it out. just hope all goes well with it. dont trust people or drugs so a little nervous. wish me luck!!

  22. stephany says:

    I had my two bottom WT pulled and cute out, the first one on my left came out in about a two min, now the second one on the right holy good god did that hurt, it was an emergency to get them removed i asked them y and they showed me y my wisdom tooth was growing under and in to my other teeths roots so need less to say i dont think i could ever be numb enough for that lol this is my first day and it sucks so bad lol i have a one year old so i get no resting time, an body have any ideas on how to recover faster or something im desperate on an on top of that i work 12 hr days

  23. Melissa says:

    I got all four of my wisdom teeth out this past Monday. The procedure was… interesting. I sat in the chair, already nervous, and freezing. One of the nurses took my blood pressure and put a clamp-thingy on my finger (supposed to calculate the level of oxygen in my blood or something?).

    Anyways, they put what looked like a weird gas mask over my nose. Told me it was Nitris and Oxygen (or something), but I was already so nervous I couldn’t remember… They put it on me and told me to breathe through my nose. This made me extremely nervous. I figured, OK this is what’s going to knock me out… My hands and feet started tingling, as well as the rest of my body (everywhere EXCEPT my mouth felt weird- go figure), but I was still fully there. I asked the dentist if I was supposed to get lightheaded and she said the tingling is normal.

    Well, I found out later that it was “laughing gas” and I thought to myself ‘well, I was NOT laughing. Felt more like I was dying…’ I’ve felt like that only a couple times. One was when I could actually feel myself falling asleep at night (which scares the boogers out of me cuz I felt like I was leaving my body and dying).

    During the procedure, I could feel what was going on in my mouth, and it hurt. It wasn’t that I could feel sharp pain, but the pressure that I felt was interpreted as pain in my brain. I remember groaning when she took my right bottom tooth out, and I heard her say that I was just feeling pressure. Yeah, thanks, couldn’t have figured that one out on my own… Still hurt.

    When it was done, they called my mom in and they lead me to a little room with a bed. I was completely there, but very disoriented and lightheaded. The dentist made me take baby steps to the room, and I made no disagreement. They allowed me to take advil but I had to get them to make sure it was all the way down, cuz I couldn’t feel it. I wasn’t in much pain since the numbing med hadn’t worn off yet.

    When I got home, my mom went out to get the prescribed Vicoden and Amoxicillin. Not really in much pain, but the cotton pads in my cheeks were very annoying. Took them out later that night, but it started bleeding again so I put more in.

    Since then, I haven’t really been in too much pain. I tried to wean myself off the Vicoden and onto Advil, but the pain came more. The Vicoden is weird. It made me sick only one time. Otherwise, it just takes some of the pain away. Sometimes it makes me sleepy, but sometimes it doesn’t.

    At the moment, my stitches are being really annoying. I took Vicoden about an hour ago, and the stitches are just hurting me like crazy. I’ve been afraid this whole time about getting Dry Socket. My dad and grandmother had it. I was supposed to be going to Six Flags Great Adventure tomorrow, but is now on Monday.

    Anyways, that’s about it. It’s hard to talk and open my mouth for anything but a spoon, but pudding, frozen yogurt, chicken broth, and apple sauce have been my best friends.

    Not the best experience of my life. But not traumatizing…

    • Melissa says:

      forgot to say that after the laughing gas, they put an IV in my right arm which was the numbing meds to knock me out, but not all the way.

  24. Bailey says:

    I just had all four of my WT removed two days ago, in which all four were impacted. This could quite possibly be one of the worst things I’ve ever felt. Not only is my face swelled up to the size of texas but I can barely open my mouth wide enough to eat anything. And if I could open it wide enough to eat I would probably puke it all out from the oxycodone that I’ve been taking for my pain meds. I’ve tried ice I’ve tried hot showers, Thank god for glucerna shakes or I’d have no calories. I just wish this would be over. I’ve literally stayed up for the past two night crying while my boyfriend tries to help me when he can but theres really nothing to be done. All I can say is if you’re getting all four removed be ready for some serious pain. *Sorry if I misspell anything* But good luck and the best things to have around are frozen peas for ice packs, chapstick, pain meds, and apple sauce/ glucerna.

  25. taylor says:

    ok, im getting all 4 taken out tomorrow morning, i dont know why im reading all of your stories because i was excited before and now im horrified! im 15 and apparently thats really early to get them removed… im not good with pain and i get sick really easily. i have a feeling im going to be in for a treat. although one of my friends said that when her brother got them taken out he was totally fine, wasnt in any pain and seemed 100% normal and healthy. i was hoping it was like that for more people and hoping i would be the same way. i dont know why i was excited but im about ready to poop my pants because now im extremely nervous!

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