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Word around the PF Blogosphere

Seems like posts about how to save money on gas have slowed down but there’s still some good info out there:

Flexo reviews MSN’s six steps to becoming your own boss. The first one involves getting some experience [3].

Nickel starts investingating what’s necessary to take a home office deduction [4]. The comments, from other bloggers, are particularly helpful in clarifying some of the sticky wickets.

JLP writes about the hazards of ARMs [5]. With the way rates have been increasing lately, you’d have to be insane to consider an ARM. Rent instead!

MBH discusses an MSN article about raising the minimum wage [6] and the potential unintended consequences.

FMF talks about identity theft stats with the first one being $422, the average loss per theft [7]. There are other interesting stats in that article too and they’re pretty surprisingly low.

Finally, if you’re a personal finance blogger and you’re looking to connect with other bloggers to trade tips on blogging, monetization, etc; consider stopping by the Money Blog Network Forums [8]. We’ve been actively discussing a lot of topics and you never know what you’ll learn!