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Wordle’s Cool Subject Clouds

I was playing around with this new site Wordle [3] and putting in the sites of some other personal finance blogs

They make the cloud based on your RSS feed so it takes whatever you’ve been writing about lately, not a entire site survey (with over 2,200 articles, that would take forever), so it looks like I’ve been writing a lot about emergency funds, investing in index funds, and stealing Obama’s thunder and the use of the word ‘can.’ Yes, I can.

But this is no fun if I just do my site right? I had to see what others would look like so I played with it some more and made clouds for The Simple Dollar [4] (there it is to the right, probably my favorite of the bunch I made and that thumbnail doesn’t do it justice), The Digerati Life [5], Five Cent Nickel [6], Get Rich Slowly [7], Consumerism Commentary [8], CNN Money, and a few more.

If you want to see the fruits of my minor diversionary labor, check out my gallery [9] on Wordle.