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Worst Job Interview Mistakes

While in college, I once showed up to an interview with Lockheed Martin fifteen minutes late because I wrote down 2:30 instead of 2:15. When I showed up, the interviewer didn’t seem terribly upset but he was a little miffed that I showed up late. The interview went along as you’d expect, the usual BS questions about my strengths and weaknesses, some more questions about projects I’d worked on, etc. The interview went well, albeit short, and I never heard a single thing back. No letter or email mentioning the interview at all, so I guess it went pretty terrible. Looking back, I think I was pretty lucky. 🙂

But showing up late didn’t even make it onto the worst in a Harris Interactive poll done for CareerBuilder.com. The original article is here [3], but if you don’t want to go through a slideshow, here were the “top detrimental mistakes:”

The story went on to share some of the worst of the worst stories, such as someone putting an interviewer on hold during a phone interview.

Let’s be honest, it’s not surprising that those six would kill an interview. Answering the phone or texting? That’s absurd. If you’re doing that, you have more to do than to review the most common interview questions [4]. Heck, you can even skip a series we did several years ago called Career Week [5] – you need to grow up. 🙂

What’s your worst interview story?