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Your Take: Would You Marry for Money?

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Would you marry someone for a $1? What about $500 million HK dollars? $500 million HK dollars is the equivalent of $64 million dollars – the amount Cecil Chao Sze-tsung has offered to the man who can woo his daughter, Gigi Chao. Ahhh… the quirks of the filthy filthy rich.

So this naturally lends itself to a fantastic Your Take – would you marry for money? I think the reality is that we all marry for something. Call it love, call it support, call it whatever – you do it because two people are better suited to face the world than one person. You look to the other for support, whether that’s emotional, financial, or some other type of support. Whether the person has a lot of financial security ahead of time does have an impact, no matter what you’d like to say.

So the big question is, would you marry for money?

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27 Responses to “Your Take: Would You Marry for Money?”

  1. KnotReally says:

    Jim, interesting moral question. I have a hard time understanding how you can “marry” someone just for the money. That’s pissing all over the meaning of marriage… However, i’ve noticed that’s becoming a trend nowadays.

    • DMoney says:

      Wasn’t marrying for money/status the status quo up until about 150 years ago?

      Seems to me the definition of marriage is ever-evolving, as are most human rituals/actions.

  2. Glenn Lasher says:


    Mind you, it wouldn’t have stopped me from marrying someone rich, if I had not met my wife, but she would have had to have been worth it on her own merits. I can make enough money to live comfortably without compromising on this.

  3. brad says:

    Some women will do this.

  4. No…never. I would rather be poor and happy than rich and unhappy.

  5. ChimChim says:

    According to Forbes, ‘Free Rider’ (e.g. marrying for money) is the second most career choice for women. These same women are primarily Obama supporters that prefer GOVT to take care of them.

    • Barb says:

      I take offense to this. I make verbally comments that I need to marry rich, but I don’t believe it really. It would be hard to get married to someone who is dirt poor with no upward ability prospects at my age of 30 since I am a saver.

    • bloodbath says:

      Republican koolaid drinker

  6. old man says:

    No way!!! I married a poor little hillbilly gal nearly 49 years ago and I was far from wealthy too but we’ve had a wonderful marriage. Our life together has been very enjoyable and I wouldn’t change an ounce of it.

  7. ChrisCD says:

    I married my wife because she was my best friend and we loved each other. We were actually quite poor when we were married and she certainly didn’t have some grand hope of me striking it rich someday.

    We are doing okay these days, but money was never part of the equation. If you make it part of the equation I would fear you would end up with quite a hollow marriage. And same could be said of marrying for status, just look at most Hollywood couples.

  8. Steve Barnett says:

    I had plenty of chances to marry for money, but screwed it up everytime. All the money has been made. If someone has a million and you could just buy a business without borrowing or if they had 20 million and you could just do whatever, then I would say yes. A person with soime money is a big boost. If you start at thirty broke you better have a good idea to make money.

  9. Steve Barnett says:

    If you say you would rather live dirt poor, then you are silly. I mean you get up 5 days a week to make that green ink, but others could just get up and fish and hunt and grow a garden and be ahead of you, because you bought a hose, divorced and bought cars and other junk and went broke.

  10. Nope. I married for love, and am very happy I did. We were both dirt poor broke when we were married.

    I don’t think money should come into the equation – but it is a nice bonus I guess… If you are going to bring “baggage” into the marriage, I’m thinking money would be the most desirable.

  11. daenyll says:

    marrying just for money would seem like today’s equivalent of an arranged match, it’s meant for some gain with little interest in feelings.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would marry for money if I was 82 years old.

  13. bloodbath says:

    For $1 – no, for $64 million dollars – yes.

  14. Jim M says:

    Wouldn’t do it – not that marrying for love is any guarantee to a happy future either.

  15. Some people may marry because of money. I respect them. But I would ever marry for money. It is against my morals and values.

  16. elloo says:

    Her name is Gigi? Perfect.

  17. thunderthighs says:

    What’s his cardiogram look like?

  18. Tony says:

    Now let’s be honest – a lot of people marry for money. (which is why few would want to marry the person on the street). But up to a certain point, money is no longer a concern – it’s the partner’s personality and capabilities.

  19. I don’t think money can buy happiness so I would say no, I wouldn’t marry for money. Now if I was in love, happy and he was super rich, then that would be SUPER AWESOME! 🙂

    Sally Stretton

  20. Jerry says:

    Having stability is the insurance we all hope for and that can come from money. But, money is certainly not everything. I don’t think you need to look too far to see the train wrecks in the society columns and hollywood tabloids to understand it. Love leads to security. And, security can bring wealth if you’re both working towards it.

  21. Ray says:

    $64MM and I get a wife, where do I sign up?

  22. Shirley says:

    I had the chance to marry for money and passed it up for a man who made me laugh. We worked hard for many years and are now retired with no needs that we can’t meet financially or emotionally. There’s so much more to life and happiness than money.

  23. mannymacho says:

    I think marrying for money is not as important as marrying someone responsible with their money. Marry for money and it could all be gone before you know it.

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