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Would You Work Harder for More Money?

During a three or four month period last year, approximately 20% of my friends at my old employer, including myself, left the company in search of greener pastures. Some left entirely because of compensation, others left for job growth opportunities (that is to say, more compensation in the future), and others left simply because their job was boring and they had no opportunities for change. Either way, the question of compensation was always in the mix because, let’s face it, we all want to make more money than we do now, no matter how much we make now. If you made a million dollars a year, you’d want a million and a half. If you made ten million, you’d want fifteen million or even twenty. If you made twenty? Well, you’d want a hundred.

So, what’s a greater incentive to work hard, money or the potential for more money?

And, as a corollary, if you are paid more, does that make you work harder?