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Wow, Another Reason I LUV Southwest

Right now we’re sitting on a two hour layover in Oakland, CA on our way to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Our trip thus far has taken us through Kansas City on Southwest and we were reminded once again why Southwest is easily my favorite airline. We were the only two people on the flight from Baltimore to Kansas City that would continue on to Oakland and we arrived ten minutes early so we had some time to chat with the flight crew. They asked us where we were going and my wife said we were flying onto Honolulu for our honeymoon. They said their congratulations and we thanked them, everyone smiling all around, and we thought nothing of it. A new flight crew came on board to help the first flight crew clean up and then we were on our way. About five minutes before we were to land in Oakland, the a member of the flight crew came on the PA and said “We wanted to congratulate two of our passengers who recently got married, everyone please give them a round of applause!” There was clapping all around, some more congratulations, and then one of the crew walked over and gave us a bottle of Korbel champagne!

Before you cynics out there chalk it up to something devious, you have to know one thing… you can’t actually buy champagne on board. This wasn’t someone just grabbing one of a million bottles and handing it to us in a nice gesture, this was far more than that. One of the Baltimore-to-Kansas City flight attendants had to have picked it up and passed it onto the new flight crew. That’s some serious customer service, I have never heard of anything like that.

So, in addition to fares that can’t be beat, a speedy seating policy (some might call it herding but I have absolutely no problem with it, you can’t expect great fares and to be coddled), great flight crew attitudes and company personality, you can add on a personal touch that you can’t get from many airlines, budget or otherwise.

So Southwest, that’s why we LUV’d you before and why we will continue to LUV you. And if there’s an executive out there, the crews were the ones on Flight 1945 out of Baltimore at 1:05PM and the crew on the continuation leg from Kansas City to Oakland, they deserve some serious kudos. Thanks!

(As a testament to technology, I’m writing about this from the Oakland terminal… the above said act just happened about an hour ago)