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Your Take: WSJ’s Image of the American Taxpayer

So the Wall Street Journal ran an article earlier in the year, just after the fiscal cliff was “averted” and the American Taxpayer Relief Act was passed, in which they talked about how much your taxes will go up [3]. I don’t read the WSJ all that often but I was a little surprised how out of touch they were with this graphic.

Let’s see who the WSJ chose as their “example people.” The first person in the top right is a single parent with two children who makes… $260,000 a year. To the right you’ll see a retired couple who makes $180,000 a year. In the lower left there’s a single person who makes $230,000 and then you have the family of six (!!!) making $650,000.

Surprisingly out of touch with real life… what do you think when you see this?