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WTDirect $150 Account Promotion Bonus

WTDirect is offering a cash bonus of up to $150 depending on how much you deposit initially.

In terms of interest rates, WTDirect is within reach of the top spot but not quite. The best interest rate [3] currently goes to Everbank, with their 3.01% three-month bonus interest rate followed by their 2.00% regular interest rate. WTDirect current sports a 1.76%, which coupled with this bonus, lags the leader.

The last time WTDirect offered a bonus [4] the bonuses were richer. The maximum was $250 on a $50,000 deposit, or 0.5%. Of course, back then the interest rate was 3.06% APY.

It’s a nice promotion but it’s not enough to entice me to change where I put my savings.