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WTDirect Bonus Promotion Code

WTDirect [3] is running a winter bonus blast promotion where you can get a one time new account bonus based on how much you deposit into the account. It’s a decent offer attached to a decent savings account made to be a little more appealing when you combine the two together. Alone, neither are particularly appealing.

The bonus is based on the average balance you have between 1/1/09 and 2/28/09 and you’re cash bonus will be awarded in mid-March, based on this schedule:

When you couple that with a 3.06% APY rate on accounts with balances over $10,000 it’s actually not a bad offer at all. The bonus amounts to half a percent on your balance, which you get in addition to 3.06% APY, so on the year, should the rates stay and you keep that amount in there, you effectively get a 3.56% APY on your savings which is better than nearly every high yield savings account [4] (right now, the only one who beats it is the 4% offered by Dollar Savings Direct [5]).

I’m a little late to the game in announcing this promotion but if you move quickly you can still fund the account (initiate the ACH) in time.

Terms & Conditions:

This offer is available to new WTDirect clients only. To receive the bonus, clients must enter the promotion code “WTG3DNC” at the time of account opening. There is no minimum balance required to open the account. WTDirect account must be funded via electronic (ACH) transfer which must be initiated by 12/31/08. Clients may transfer funds in and out of the WTDirect account during the promotion period (1/1/09 – 2/28/09) and the bonus will be based on the average balance level during that time. Account must remain open and in good standing through the end of the promotion period. Bonus will be credited to client’s WTDirect account on or about the second week of March. WTDirect reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion at any time without notice.