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Year In Review 2005

When I started this blog on the last day in January [3] this year, I never imagined blogging, which already had exploded with the likes of Xanga, would continue to grow as much as it has. I also didn’t think that personal finance blogs and the idea of revealing your finances to the world would be as popular as it has, as evidenced by NetWorthIQ’s [4] popularity and the sheer number of blogs that have been started.

I’m thankful that all of you continue to read this blog for without you many of the exciting things of this part year would not have been possible. Who would’ve thought a company would want to send me some furniture to review [5]? Or that a reporter from the New York Times would want to talk with me [6] and even take my picture!

I look forward to what 2006 brings as there are some things in the works that are already rolling along that may prove to be the tipping point for personal finance blogs. (shhhh!)