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YNAB Coupon Promotion Code

This morning I published a You Need A Budget (YNAB) review [3] explaining the YNAB methodology as well as a look inside the tool. If you’re thinking about buying it, I recommend that you download it and do the 7-day trial first. Don’t buy it sight unseen when there’s a 7-day trial available giving you full access to the tool, so click here to download it [4] before paying.

Then, when you’re ready to upgrade YNAB, we have a special 10% off coupon code:


Also, YNAB 3.0 [5], which is slated for a November release, will cost $59.95. If you buy YNAB 2.0 for $49.95, actually $44.96 after the 10% off promotional coupon code, then you will be upgraded to YNAB 3.0 absolutely free. YNAB 3.0 not only looks more visually appealing but will sport additional features like expanded report functionality over 2.0.