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Your Beliefs or $50,000?

How strongly to you hold your beliefs? Would you betray them for $5,000? What about $10,000? What about $1M? Watch the clip in this post. As you watch it, think about how much it would take for you to bend your beliefs just a little bit. And then, if you’re so inclined, read the rest of this for my thoughts.

Amazing that the woman accepted the $50,000 considering the ferocity with which she reacted. Now, if you haven’t seen the episode, and I haven’t, you have no idea how “dark-sided” this other woman or her family is. From the family’s reaction, it didn’t sound like the other spouse was that bad but then again they don’t sound as if they’re as religious as the mother was.

Update: That lady was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Nov. 30th (tonight)! She revealed that she went on the show so that she could get the gastric bypass surgery and she knew about the money beforehand (her insurance denied her the surgery) but she was going to share part of it with family of course. She honestly didn’t seem all that ultra-religious when she appeared on the show and she explained that the other family was nice but they weren’t religious enough for her. Apparently there was a bobble head doll that sold for like $800 on Ebay and it turns out it was Jay who bought it (or a staffer) and he presented it to her. A fitting end.


I discovered this via Iron Yuppie [3].

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