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Your CEO Is Probably 364x Better Than You

At least that’s according to the statistics, discussed on CNNMoney today, which show that the average CEO is paid $10.8 million versus the average employee being paid $29,544. In 2005, that multiple was 411x and in 2000 it was a staggering 525x. There are caveats to those numbers because the groups that did the studies did some strange math, strange as in I wouldn’t have done it this way, such as include in the average employee salary both part time and full time employees (uhhh… clearly doesn’t make sense to me). CNN Money estimated that if you took out part timers and considered non-managers, you’re talking about $40,000 a year and a multiple of only 270x – which isn’t that ridiculous I suppose.

My current company is privately held so I have no way of figuring out what the multiple is personally but at my last company, the CEO’s total compensation about 307x more than what mine (according to Reuters) was that same year… what was your multiple?