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What’s Your Financial “Achilles Heel”

Achilles was one of the mightiest Greeks to fight in the Trojan War and was finally felled by Paris’ arrow, guided by Apollo, when it struck him in the heel – hence the term, Achilles’ Heel. But I’m not talking about mythology here, I’m talking money. Everyone has their financial Achilles’ Heel… the one “thing” where money really is no object, when you let it all hang out, where you spend like there’s no tomorrow because you’ve been eating cold cut sandwiches at lunch for the last six months to scrape a few cents together. Why do you buy the generic instead of the brand names? Most of us aren’t saving for the sake of saving, we’re saving for something. You’re not saving money so your bank account can get a little bit larger, it’s so you enjoy your “thing,” that financial Achilles’ Heel that you know will always get you every single time.

What’s mine? It’s when I go on vacation, I spend money on overpriced food, I spend money on overpriced trinkets, and I don’t care. I’ll spend weeks researching the best time to hop on a cruise but mere minutes to convince myself that I really need little plus Thing 1 and Thing 2s. I’ll search for days waiting to pull the trigger on the the best flight down there, but seconds snapping up that enormous turkey leg I really don’t need to eat. I’ll spend the time to find the best price on getting me there, but once I’m there I’m a sucker for everything.

That’s my financial Achilles’ Heel — overspending on vacations. What’s yours?

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