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Your Take: Are You a Cat or Dog Person?

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Cute Cat Cute Puppy

I’m a dog person myself, though I’m not an anti-cat person… I just happen to be allergic to cats. 🙂

I’ve always liked dogs because you can play with dogs. You can throw toys with them, you can chase them around, they can chase you around, and they’re a lot of fun. You can’t really “play” with a cat outside of flicking around stuff for them to try to scratch.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or perhaps you are a hamster, rabbit, or hedgehog person?

(Puppy photo: klash, Cat photo: dougwoods)

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31 Responses to “Your Take: Are You a Cat or Dog Person?”

  1. chb says:

    Great discussion! I’m also a BOTH person, although I’ve only owned dogs, but spent a lot of time with cats. It kind of gets on my nerves when people make big comparisons between the two because, depending on the individual animal, cats and dogs can provide and do many of the same things (and cause many similar annoyances!) You can play and roughhouse with both, cuddle with both, have “conversations” with both, and both could serve as “guard” animals too! And yes it is a pain to walk the dog multiple times a day and scoop the poop, but I’ve also hated smelling and scooping litter when I cared for kitties, and I hate the inability to prevent them from climbing to any surface in my home they choose. One difference I believe each animal has and I love in each is that dogs can be so goofy, unassuming, and they just love you unconditionally and forgive you for just about anything. Cats can have such an attitude though, and be so independent, aloof, and “royal” (I can’t think of a better word for this…?) I love them both and they all deserve our love and homes, especially the ones in shelters!!!

  2. I’ve loved both cats and dogs. Currently am most fond of dogs. Dogs are far less destructive and way cleaner — they do their business outside, and once they’re past the eat-the-furniture stage, they inflict a lot less damage on the interior decoration than a cat is capable of doing.

    And…umh…truth to tell, you can clean the catbox every day of your life and it still will stink. Cats mark their territory with an odor that even obtuse creatures like humans can smell. Dogs lay down a stink, too, but not quite so exuberantly.

    Cats are otherwise elegant, though. My recently adopted dog wants a cat. She tries to befriend every cat we encounter on the twice-daily doggy walks. She adores cats (and I don’t mean as lunch meat). Weird.

  3. I am not a big animal person period. I don’t like it when dogs/cats are inside and they shed their hair on the carpet, on the floor and everywhere. I also don’t like it when they scratch on the floor..

    I would like owning a cat/dog but only if it stays outside. That’s where it would be happiest

  4. BEBE says:


  5. JLD says:

    My fiances dogs are annoying! Dogs period are annoying! They crave your attention all the time, they’re too needy, they stink, are sloppy, gross, they snore and pass gas like people, eat garbarge, drink out of the toilet, throw up the garbage that they eat, they want to be up under you all the time, cry when you’re not paying attention to them,hard headed, hyper, noisy with all that damn barking. They are just a pain in the @#! I don’t particularly like dogs that much.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I am sadly finding out that I am a guinea pig person. I have guinea pig and love her sweetness and easy maintanance. We’ve also got an 8 month old lab puppy and while I love him, he is really becoming a nuisance in the house. I have a 21 month old son and another son on the way. Brody, the dog, is too rough with my son. We have to keep him gated in the laundry room and he chews up the wall molding. We’re trying to train him but with my husband’s work schedule and my pregnancy and taking care of my son, I just can’t seem to find the time or patience to properly train and care for a dog. I feel I would do better with Brody if he were an outdoor dog but everyone is so against that. I feel like I’ve made a mistake getting a dog and because he is a living creature, I don’t know what to do. I can’t just “get rid of him” but I’m not giving him the attention he needs, either. What have I done?

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