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Your Take: Are You Happy At Your Job?

Yahoo HotJobs recently published a list of the top ten happiest jobs [3] and, surprisingly, professional blogger did not make that list. Who did? Clergy took the top spot with a reported 67.2% “very happy,” far exceeding numbers two (firefighters, 57.2%) through ten (airline pilots and navigators, 49.1%). In addition to listing the percent “very happy,” they also listed salary for someone in that role with 5-9 years of experience. The highest paid were #7 science technicians with a median salary of $72,435 and the lowest paid were #3 travel agents with a median hourly rate of $14.23 (or ~$28,000 if you assume a standard work schedule).

There isn’t much you can take away from lists like this, except we can ask ourselves how happy are you? I’d say I’m about 70% very happy. I get to set my own hours, I get to work on my own projects, and I get to reap the fruits of my labor. The 30% unhappy goes to how I have to figure out what projects I’m working on, I suffer the consequences of poor decisions, and I have limited social interaction with other people.

One interesting thing is that my stress is a little different. Before, I’d be stressed out over presentations to clients and whether I’d screwed up. Now, I’m stressed whether I’m making the right strategic decisions; decisions that won’t prove right or wrong for months.

How about you? Are you happy at your job? How many percent and what affects it either way? Would you trade less happiness for more money (or vice versa)?

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