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Your Take: Certified Financial Planners

Back in March I met with a financial planner [3] and found the entire experience a little underwhelming. I thought I’d be meeting with a professional, someone who could give me some good solid advice for the way forward, but I got little more than a few pitches for insurance and some high cost mutual funds I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. That post garnered twenty-seven posts with people chipping in on their experiences and I was curious if there was something more to financial planning than selling insurance and mutual funds?

Was I talking to the wrong type of financial planner? There are so many certifications for people in the financial world that it’s hard to keep them straight. I knew about Certified Financial Planners but there are Chartered Financial Consultants, Chartered Investment Counselors, Certified Public Accountants and Personal Financial Specialists. Each one focuses on a different niche in the personal finance world and I start to wonder if I talked to the wrong person… or did I?

What’s your take on financial planners? Any advice on what I should do?