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Your Take: How Do You Evaluate Job Offers?

I was reading Salary.com’s 2008 Employee Job Satisfaction & Retention Survey [3] and saw that, not surprisingly that the number one reason people leave their jobs is because of inadequate compensation (i.e. they’re underpaid). What also interested me were the four other reasons (of the top five) that people left for – lack of career advancement, insufficient recognition, boredom and inadequate development opportunities. So here’s a tip that I have, from when left one company for another, remember to consider all the other factors when making your decision of whether or not to leave.

One factor that isn’t listed is stress. 🙂

Another useful stat, 50% of employers believe an offer of 8-15% is enough to lure away an employee but 38% of employees would only leave for 16-30%… use that to your advantage!

So, how do you evaluate a job offer if money isn’t the only metric?

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