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Your Take: Knowing Everyone Else’s Salary

The New York Times posted an interesting article about salary transparency [3] in late August and I thought it would make some fantastic Your Take fodder.

Salary transparency doesn’t bother me because my primary goal is to complete my job and ensure that my team completes our job. If someone on the team isn’t pulling their weight, it doesn’t matter what their salary is – they’re overpaid. If someone is pulling their weight, you can pay them more! I believe my salary is tied to my performance and my performance is tied to my team’s performance, so as long as all the cogs in the wheel are running well together then we all win.

Can I see a scenario where people are pissed off that someone next to them, doing the same job, is being paid more? Yes, but remember that people don’t set their own salaries (unless you’re in Congress!). If you feel you deserve more, you need to appeal to your boss, not be upset with your coworker.

I’m not saying transparency is a great idea or a terrible idea (I am aware that emotions do come into play) but I think that getting to a point where compensation isn’t such a big deal would be kind of nice.

Your thoughts?

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