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Your Take: Name Your Favorite Bank or Credit Union

The recent economy woes have not been kind to banks. It seems like every weekend a bank is failing (over 60 so far this year) and mainstream media is piling on. Four of the thirty two companies in Consumerist Worst Company in America 2010 [3] bracket are financial services companies. Chase, Citi, Capital One, and Bank of America, an eventual Final Four participant (though none of them stood a chance against Ticketmaster for sheer “worstness”). Slamming a bank is just too easy… but it’s also a little unfair.

Remember, for all the crap large banks take, many people would not own their homes without them. How many people locked in low interest rate mortgages they could afford and now live happily in a home they make regular payments on? We tend to focus on the bad, looking for scapegoats for our woes, when things aren’t really that bad. 10% unemployment is certainly not good, but that means 90% of people are still working.

So today, I want you know your favorite bank or credit union. It can be a local bank that is active in the community. It can be a huge megabank that treats you well. Maybe you’re a fan of PNC Bank, cited as having the most positive recommendations [4] by marketing firm Z√≥calo Group and research firm M/A/R/C Research.

Who is it? Or do you have no favorite?

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