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Your Take: New $5 Bill & The Huge Purple 5

Check out the latest super-anti-counterfeit bill to hit the streets, it’s none other than the fiver and it debuted today with much fanfare over its added security feature and that humongous purple FIVE located on the back (picture below). Many of the added security features come from higher denominated bills (such as more watermarks and a security strip) and I was surprised that they would revamp a $5 with these security features, but what do I know. Here’s the back of the bill.

I’m a fan of the increased use of microprinting, where small, difficult to reproduce, text is repeated in numerous places. On the front, Five Dollars” is written inside the left and right borders. E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many, One.” in Latin) is printed at the top of the shield in the Great Seal. USA is printed between the columns of the shield. Finally, on the back, USA FIVE is printed on the edge of the purple 5.

One cool thing I didn’t know was that the little yellow “05”s are arranged in a EURion constellation [3]. Many color photocopiers will refuse to copy a document if it detects a EURion constellation pattern. Here I thought the “05”s were just randomly scattered. Many currencies use this EURion constellation pattern.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of the big purple 5 but it’s said that it is designed that way for the visually impaired, what do you think about that purple 5? Ugly? Pretty?

(Images from US Bureau of Engraving & Printing [4])