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Your Take: Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings

This is the start to a new series called Your Take [3] where I throw out a question for all of you folks to sound off on and share some thoughts that have already been shared on the subject. No, I’m not being lazy, I just think there’s a collective wisdom out there that should be leveraged for some serious learning…

This week I wrote a post about synthetic diamond engagement rings [4] that has gotten an above average number of comments and I’d really like to highlight a few that were made and then give everyone a chance to comment some more about the idea of synthetic diamonds. The original article was actually a question posed to ethicists at a personal finance site about whether to divulge to your fiancee that the diamond you gave her was actually man-made (or CZ or whatever).

Patrick said:

I wouldn’t have any problem buying a synthetic diamond, as it is still a diamond. But I would also be honest with my fiance about the situation and tell her that for the same money, I could buy her a nicer stone. Or give her the option of having a smaller ‘real diamond.’ Many women are understanding and care more about the fact they are getting an engagement ring than what the stone rating is – as long as it looks nice! 😉

That said, I would stay away from CZ unless that is all you can afford. Then, your fiance just has to understand the situation. If she doesn’t, then it might be time to reconsider buying any ring.

Cindy said:

It is not what it costs – it is what it is about – love – quality would not be important to me – quantity (love) would be! I am in fact shopping right now for a ring as I am planning a wedding and there is no way we are spending what I have spend in my previous marriage on a ring. As I said it is what it is about – where it came from is – from the heart!

A lot of the commenters were men and so if there are any women out there (I hope that there are), I’m sure everyone would love to hear the recipient’s side. Be honest! It’s the internet and you can be anonymous if you want to be!