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Your Take: Taking Two Down The Aisle

A guest post on Techcrunch [3] back in March talked about an idea I’ve never heard of – “taking two down the aisle.” In the guest post, Larry Chiang, founder of Duck9 [4] and regular blogger for Business Week, is talking about organization events as a way to gain exposure and network. The article as a whole is great but the idea I wanted to discuss today was the idea that when you book venues.

Chiang talks about how venue locations and the people who manage them can be a little smarmy in that they will try to wring out every last dollar from you. There are only 52 Fridays and 52 Saturdays a year, so they want to get every last possible dime. In “taking two down the aisle,” you book two venues – one as your primary and the other as a back-up. The back-up acts as your insurance policy in case the first one tries to play games. By having a back-up, you aren’t forced to accept the changes your #1 choice gives you.

I was going to join the camp that said this wasn’t an honest approach, since you’re acting not in good faith with venue #2, until it happened to my friends for their wedding rehearsal dinner. I don’t know the exact details but the venue double booked the night and told my friends to take a hike. It was a large brand-name hotel, not some small outfit, and my friends really had no option. They were told a week before the rehearsal dinner that they no longer had the venue! (They lucked out in finding a second venue that we all had a great time at anyway!)

Two weeks ago, I would’ve said “taking two down the aisle” is shady, if not dishonest, but after seeing it happen to my friends (the venue took two down the aisle!), I don’t feel it’s bad at all.

What’s your take on this?

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