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Your Take: What Did You Do For The Holidays?

Even though it’s January 9th, a full week removed from New Years and the holiday season, I didn’t really feel “back to normal” until sometime this week. So rather than launch into money related Your Take, I thought it might be more appropriate (and entertaining) to talk about something that would compel us to lock ourselves into an office or workshop or garage or whatever for 8+ hours a day and slave away: spending time with our family and friends. I’m curious what you did for the holidays, where you went, who you saw, and let us all bask in the enjoyment of your hearty tales.

As for my wife and I, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with her parents in Virginia opening presents and having a great time. From there, we had to drive home to Maryland (only about a forty five minute drive) because my wife had work go to work in the days between Christmas and New Years. The real travel didn’t begin until New Year’s Eve. For New Year’s Eve, we went up to Pittsburgh to see friends of our from college and celebrated the ringing in of the New Year at a club called Dolce, where we also saw the kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jeff Reed, and his entourage. Dude had bleached hair and looked like a Dragon Ball Z character. Anyway, that night of revelry became a morning and afternoon of misery as we drove the four hours down to Virginia for New Year’s Day dinner with my wife’s parents. That night, we drove the forty five minutes home to Maryland.

For those as good as I am with a calendar, it’s now January 2nd. An old friend of mine flew in from Los Angeles to visit her friend, who was studying at a Georgetown, and we met up with her for dinner at a Moroccan restaurant in Washington D.C. for a couple hours. On the way back, we visited with other friends who lived on the way home to see how their kid was doing (and met up with their cousins too).

Just when you thought the odyssey was complete, it wasn’t. The next day, we hopped on a plane to New York where we would meet up with my parents, a pair of aunts and uncles, and our cousins. We ate some great food, saw my parent’s new house for the first time with their stuff in it, and ate some great food. Then, this past Monday, we hopped on a 6:30 am flight (by the way, Southwest you need more than two people checking folks in during the holiday rush!), flew back home to Maryland, put in a full day of work, and then passed out.

Very tiring but well worth it!

How were your holidays?

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