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Your Take: What Have You Been Putting Off?

You never need more than one checking account. I have two and for the last year or two, as I’ve moved slowly towards simplifying our finances, closing the second checking account has always been on my “To Do” list but has never been scratched off. I’ve closed plenty of online savings accounts [3], like HSBC Direct and FNBO Direct, but not this checking account because it’ll require me to go into a branch.

What has it cost me? There are a few hundred dollars in the account, let’s say it’s around $500, and if you assume 2% interest (high yield savings accounts have been at most 2% in the last two years), it has cost me around twenty dollars. Twenty bucks isn’t a ton of money but I’d rather have it in my pocket than the bank’s!

What have you been putting off? Maybe it’s getting your emergency fund off the ground or rolling over a 401(k) into an IRA or perhaps it’s just setting up a CD ladder [4]… but there has to be something, money-related, that you’ve been putting off for one reason or another?