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Your Take: What Is Your Dream Vacation?

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Elephants!I know a lot of people will probably be on vacation or traveling or whatever today but I wanted to put something up for all the folks staying close to home and still poking around on the web. I didn’t want to make it too controversial or anything like that but still interesting both for me to comment about and for you all to enjoy commenting on too so I ask, what is your dream vacation?

I have three dream vacations, all of which I find equally exciting:

  • African Safari: I just think it’s be wild to go on a safari, perhaps to Kruger National Park in South Africa, and just be out in the wilderness seeing first hand the types of stuff you see on the Discovery Channel.
  • Cruise Around The World: A cruise, or just traveling around the world, and seeing different locations and lifestyles would be a lot of fun too. A cruise might be a little too structured and just wandering around might be a little too unstructured, but traveling the world in some fashion would be really exciting.
  • Philanthropic Travel: This is kind of like traveling around the world but with more of a purpose and a more rewarding experience. Going someplace and helping out the community in some fashion, whether it’s to help build a school or repair things, something like this would have the excitement of travel with the rich and rewarding experience of helping others out in the process.

What is your dream vacation or vacations?

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26 Responses to “Your Take: What Is Your Dream Vacation?”

  1. Sheila says:

    What? No Hawaii? Surely this post was written by an impostor. 😉

    Here’s the destinations that are on the list:

    – I love the thoughts of an African Safari, too.
    – Switzerland in the summer for hiking.
    – Tuscany in the summer.
    – New Zealand

    Happy travels!

    • jim says:

      Hahaha, well technically I’ve already gone on that vacation so it didn’t make the list. Hawaii is a fantastic place though (as you, of course, well know!) and definitely somewhere we will be going back (soon, hopefully!).

      Australia/NZ is also another one on the list for us too, my sister in law studied abroad there and loved it. Switzerland for hiking sounds wonderful too! So many vacations, not enough time/money!

      • Sheila says:

        If you are hoping to get back to Hawaii, soon, then you are in luck. All indications are that it’s going to be a “buyers market” for Hawaii travelers in 2009 – at least the first half of the year is stacking up that way for sure. If you’ve not checked airfare in a while, then you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. My alerts show airfare as low as $524 RT from NC. In addition to the lower airfares, hotels are offering very enticing freebies like a free night’s stay, free breakfast for two, coupon books, and I’ve even seen some offer with free rental cars (bugs may or may not be included 🙂 ) We’re hoping to take advantage of the good prices in March or April while it’s still whale watching season.

  2. Matt SF says:

    I’m more about “doing the Survivorman” and the good thing… you can do it almost anywhere in the world if you have a remote location. If you’ve ever watched this hardcore Discovery Channel show, it’s all about living off the land and teaching basic survivor techniques. Pretty cool stuff!

    If you want more traditional, I would highly recommend Scotland and/or Ireland.

  3. I don’t recomend India… we just went. Great sites, but the poverty and filth are tough to bear.

    From a financial point of view though, it’s quite inexpensive once you get there…

    • Aman says:

      the poverty might be harsh when coming from a western country, but India does have beauty of the simplistic life is one you must experience.

      and on the financial point, India, like any country one might visit is only as expensive as you make. I have spent a week in Delhi and managed to blow $2500USD in one week and have been another time were I managed to survive on a few hundred bux for 10days. Both were amazing trips.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got a strange fascination with the former Soviet Republics. I think I’d like to take a trip there. Maybe some philanthropy or research along the way too.

  5. Derrick says:

    My dream is to go on about a month journey through Scotland, seeing the land and playing all of the original links style golf courses.

  6. Carla says:

    Since I haven’t been out of North America, I dont know where to start. I’m sort of a city girl so cities (large and small) like London, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam would be a good start for me. After taking a tour of all of those cities, ending the trip in a semi remote and scenic location would be ideal.

  7. Money Maus says:

    As an avid traveler (it’s my passion!) – I have many dream vacations. And I’ve already done quite a few at my young age. Thailand, Egypt and Greece are currently my top 3 destinations where I have not been.

    PS Cruise ship around the world? I went abroad during college on a program called “Semester at Sea” – you should look into it, they allow adult passengers, you can audit classes by phenomenal professors and see 10+ countries over 3.5 months. Or perhaps just a summer! 🙂

  8. Aman says:

    Although I have been all over the world…at this point I would love to be anywhere I can get peace and quiet and time away from my friend “stress”.

  9. Eric N. says:

    I’m really “travel illiterate” so my dream vacation would be to see as much of the world as possible. That’s why I’m super excited to be studying abroad in Australia next year! I’ve already bookmarked several of the travel-related pieces you’ve written so far lol.

  10. I always wanted to ride the Orient Express. Failing that, one of the hyperexpensive private luxury train rides available in this country would be nice.

    These days, though, my idea of a vacation venue is someplace that I don’t have to get to on an airplane.

  11. nickel says:

    Just be sure to steer clear of pirates if you take that cruise around the world…

  12. Rich says:

    Hawaii is next on our list, but going on an African safari would be amazing, and is on the life list.
    But if I am going to do it I want to do it right, and that is going to be expensive. I want to do a semi-private safari and not be one of the tourists on a giant bus driving on a common road.

    That’s my dream vacation.

  13. Scott says:

    Just booked our dream vacation to Australia earlier this month! Going for two weeks next August – can’t wait!

  14. Jessica says:

    My fiancee finally talked me into a dream vacation honeymoon… a tall ship cruise lasting 37 days(that’s the part that I needed convincing on) from Athens, Greece to Phuket, Thailand. I can’t believe our boss let (actually insisted) us both take that long off in addition to the week for our wedding… especially since we work at the same company!

    It’s a good start on your sailing around the world dream. Check it out at

  15. zach says:

    I love travelling so much!! I have covered much of Europe and even lived in Sweden for about 8 months. I absolutley love Sweden (and I’m from California). I’ve been to a few places domestic already, Hawaii, Vegas, Grand Canyon, New York City, Niagra Falls, White house in D.C. I would love to go see them again Boston is on my list of places to check out in the states.

    As for what I would put on my list of love to see….Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Argentina.

    I’ve been quite sad of late, as I am only planning to be in Sweden (here now again) for two more months and now I am 24 so I feel like its time to start life, career and everything and I know its going to be so hard with money and time do anything again 🙁

  16. shadox says:

    Always wanted to hike to Everest Base Camp; backpack in China, Nepal and Bhutan; and hike the Appalachian Trial… maybe I’ll still get to do a few of those…

  17. Hands down, Southern Africa for me — I have been dying to go for a while now, but I have started to try to figure out how to actually make it happen. It just seems like it would be an amazing experience.

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