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Your Take: What Stresses You The Most?

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Reader’s Digest conducted a poll of 150 people from 16 countries to find out what stresses them out the most. Voters could choose family, health, money, and the state of the world. First, I’d like you to vote on what stresses you out the most, then I’ll write about the results of that study. I’m curious to see how the results of Bargaineering Nation compare with the 16 other real nations. 🙂

Sorry, the poll seems to be broken so leave your answer in the comments below.

The results of the Reader’s Digest report showed that money stressed people out the most. 58% of people in Malaysia and 55% of people in China and Singapore voted for money. In the United States, 48% of respondents gave money. Not surprising given the state of the world economy, right?

It’s an interesting study, I can’t wait to see how it compares with us.

Poll: Money worries world’s greatest cause of stress [CNN Money]

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45 Responses to “Your Take: What Stresses You The Most?”

  1. Kenny says:

    Unknowns are ‘stressing everyone out’. In my case, it is worry about what will happen to:

    1. Kids High School Results
    2. How will the College Education work out (not money, but Major/Minor selection, College selection etc)
    3. How will kids do living by themselves
    4. Future of my invested and cash monies
    5. Future of my job, and how many years I have left in the work-force
    6. Deflation of the $, and the upcoming inflation due to lowered value of $
    7. How will I manage retirement assets properly
    8. Future of my health
    9. Future of my Mom’s health
    10. Above all family

    So, there you have it – My Top 10


  2. Ron says:

    I’m shocked that very few, if any, even bothered to make a mention of WORLD AFFAIRS. Do we as Americans even know what is going on in the world? If the poll were taken a week after 911, there is no doubt in my mind WORLD AFFAIRS would be #1 – We have truly forgotten. Makes you really wonder if our enemies are smelling victory – WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • Austin says:

      I am sure most people consider world affairs important but right now there is already many problems to take care of at home(national and local).

    • Ron, you’re raising a valid point, but I think we tend to worry most about situations we can do something about, which are the situations for which we’re directly responsible. Then the stress builds with which course to take, the variables, and unexpected outcomes.

      With world affairs, there really isn’t much we can do as individuals, so it tends to be a different kind of worry, and maybe not as accute.

      In bad economy’s, we tend to focus on backyard or pocketbook issues. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just the way we process things.

      If we’re all tied up in knots over world affairs at a time when we’re facing uemployment, it may be more than we can reasonably handle. Just my opinion…

      • Ron says:

        You’re right Kevin; it is a different kind of worry – a worry that Americans put on the backburner until it’s too late – sad but reality. I hope folks do keep it in the forefront of their thoughts when sitting inside the elections booth or when writing to their representatives in DC. Lives, our freedoms, and the liberties that give us the right to be worried about the stressors in this poll could all be in jeopardy. I’m retired Air Force – I guess I see things a little different when it comes to preserving what we have.

  3. daemondust says:

    Family. Definitely family. Or I should say future family. My soon to be mother in law goes between hating me and trying to break us up because I’m stealing her daughter and loving me for the way I treat her. Sometimes jumping between the two several times a day.

  4. kenyantykoon says:

    money issues- but this is a problem that i am solving because i am soon going to be obscenely rich and i will have no worries at all

  5. Patrick says:

    I would have to say all of those mentioned are stresses in my life. No matter how much money we tend to make, money always seems to be a stress in everybody’s life.

  6. Marcie says:

    Working too much stresses me out. Doesn’t give me time to wind down, relax and take in what’s really important in life.

  7. Worrying that there will be an expensive health emergency in the family.

  8. Damon Day says:

    Without a doubt it would be my kids. I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old boy. I never knew what worry was until I had them.

  9. Jill says:

    Definitely my job. No question. Mostly not liking my job…

  10. john says:

    definetly money im supposed to pay 850 a month for auto insurance

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