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Your Take: What Would You Never Buy Used?

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Used Mattresses on the curbWhat’s the easiest way to save money on your purchases? Buy it used. I picked up golf this year and when it came time to buy new (to me) equipment, I relied on Craigslist and the used section of the local Golf Galaxy. Golf is a difficult enough sport, the last thing I needed to do was make it both difficult and expensive. So I purchased my irons used and my hybrids used. My driver and putter I purchased brand new because they were running a ridiculous “wholesale price” sale from a website online, but a driver at $130 (TaylorMade Burner) and a putter at $55 (Odyssey) made for great deals.

Then you have the classic “used vs new” battle over cars. That’s a debate that has raged on for eons and predates the car itself! (should buy a used or new horse? OK just kidding mostly) Some argue that buying used means you are buying the abuses of the previous owner. Some argue that buying used means you save a lot of money, enough to pay for the abuses of the previous owner.

But there are some things you should never buy used. These are things that 99% of the population would agree on. That’s not to say people won’t buy these things used, sometimes you don’t a choice, you do what you need to in order to survive. Top on my list? Mattresses. Used mattresses, for a variety of reasons, are often terrible purchases. Mattresses, like shoes, mold to the body of the people who use them so you won’t be able to get a good night’s rest. If you want to save money, buy the frame used and the mattress new. 🙂

What would you never buy used?

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37 Responses to “Your Take: What Would You Never Buy Used?”

  1. Hmm I don’t know about buying used bed frames! A lot of bed bugs can hid in bed frames… they’re a b*tch to get rid of (not that I had an infestation ever, thank goodness) because they can live for six months without feeding!

    I have bought used clothes in the past.

    I think I would hesitate to buy used sneakers or used shoes. not sure why, something grosses me out about that. =)

  2. CreditShout says:

    That picture is definitely one I would never buy. I agree with couches too. Who knows what people were doing on them. It’s not like you can throw a couch in the washing machine and have it come out squeaky clean. I actually wouldn’t buy a pet that someone already owned. Though I like the idea of saving pets from animal shelters, I know a lot of people who have had dogs or cats come home with serious problems. It’s sad, but you need to be careful when bringing pets home from shelters or other homes.

  3. Joe Bassett says:

    The same with foster children. They are so screwed up and nothing you can do. That’s why the Commies rounded up 1,400 in Moscow after they had sent their parents off to Siberia or killed them and the children were wandering in the streets and the Commies took them outside Moscow and machine gunned them all down.
    Those same Commies came to this country after WWII and are still here. The government should deport them all. Gee you think maybe this is one reason our country is going to hell?

  4. Megan says:

    Workout clothes…I can buy regular ones but sweat stains are just icky to me.

    I would probably buy a bed used if it was from a guest room and/or had a cover (but not a child’s bed). I did sell my mattress after grad school for about $80 (and I bought it for about $200 and used it 2 years – $5 a month for a bed is great!). But I’m thin and didn’t deform it and always used a pad and a sheet. I think that would be the test is how it was treated.

    A couch though – no way, they can get gross, even leather ones.

    • George Matthews says:

      But a bed someone could have died in it. People have sex on beds and bed bugs. But if you had a water proof pad then it would make a difference. My mattress is a Simmons $1,200 and it just makes sense to use a pad. I can see this bed lasting 30 years easily. The pocketed coil beds are the best. Those foam beds are a joke. They are hot and they will not retain their shape like they claim. But if you had an expensive matresss I don’t see why you couldn’t wash it and let it dry.

  5. Kate taylor says:

    One joke often shared with my family is “i bought my retainer off of ebay, in the used section”
    Oviously i would never do that but i find it funny.
    So a couple things i would never buy used is anything having to do with yor genitals, a pregnacy test, any peice of furniture you can sit on, anything that belongs in your bathroom, toliet paper, kitchen towels and clothes. Yes, clothes , there is a reason that person threw them away j and youll find that reason after a wear or two.

  6. joe beard says:

    Clothes you can wash them. In scalding hot water. My sister-in-law would buy the very best for her kids. She had bags of clothes and it just made sense to use them. Call me cheap or thrifty

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