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Your Take: Which Local Charities Do You Support?

A couple weeks ago I wrote a controversial Devil’s Advocate post – Don’t Donate Money to Charity [3]. In that post, I argued four reasons why you shouldn’t donate to charity and some of you really let me have it (rightfully so!). I expected it, and I appreciate the honesty, because I don’t believe those four reasons are good reasons not to donate. Every year, my wife and I support several charities and the good work they do (we have the increase in mail to prove it!); while we’re aware of what to look out for when supporting an organization, we don’t let it handcuff us into inaction – sounds like many of you feel the same way.

The banter was all over the map but one topic we discussed was the effectiveness of national charitable organizations versus local charitable organizations. Saladdin recommended that I run a post where we can all recommend the talk about the local charities we support. For us financially, it’s the Maryland Food Bank [4]. They’re a local food bank that runs several programs and distribute a staggering 14 million pounds of food each year through five programs – Fresh Foods for Families, Second Helping, Harvest for the Hungry, Bread On the Water, and Kids Cafe.

Please share your favorite local charity, some of the things they do, and next Friday I’ll randomly select one charity to donate $100 to. The only requirement is that it must be a 501(c)(3) charity [5].