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Your Take: Would You Raise Your Own Food?

After reading a New York Times story about raising your own rabbits [3] and then listening to an NPR show on raising your own chickens in your backyard [4] for food, I jokingly told my lovely wife that I’d be setting up an area in our backyard for our new petting zoo. We’ve been trying to eat more local produce (we like supporting local businesses, we automatically eat only what is in season, and it’s often tastier than buying it from the store) but we’ve never made that leap for meat.

She seemed puzzled at why I’d want an actual petting zoo in our backyard until I mentioned we’d only have rabbits and chickens. She remembered that on our honeymoon to Hawaii, we ate a lot of fresh eggs at the bed and breakfasts we stayed in. Fresh as in they just popped out of the chickens and were still warm (we washed them before we used them). They were delicious and I always joked I’d like to get chickens so we could eat hour old eggs.

She seemed amenable to the idea of eating eggs from chickens but she wasn’t a fan of the rabbit idea. I consoled her by explaining it was easy to kill rabbits, as I had read in the New York Times article, and I didn’t mind doing the hard work. Unfortunately she prevailed mostly because, well, we don’t eat rabbit. 🙂

I was only half kidding about the rabbits and chickens, we simply don’t have enough space for it (we live in a townhouse), but someday in the future I’d love to give it a try.

Have you ever considered raising your own food? Are you doing so already? I’d love to hear your stories!

(Photo: peet-astn [5])