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Your Take: Would You Turn In $140,000?

Early April, a man turned in a bag of loot [3] that had fallen off a Brink’s truck (yeah, that really does happen!) worth $140,000 to the police station… and he got $2,000 for his trouble. Now, chances are that Eli Estrada would never have been able to keep the money had he actually kept it. Banks have that stuff on lockdown and they know the bill numbers and all that jazz. However, it’s still tempting to keep $140,000 in unmarked bills sitting in $20k stacks conveniently placed on the side of a road (I wonder if it had big dollar signs on it like in the cartoons).

My question for you, and you can answer anonymously if you prefer, is… what would you have done? Would you have kept it? What if you could totally get away with it?

My first reaction would be to take the cash. $140,000 is a pretty large sum of money and I think you’d be hard pressed not to at least imagine what you could do with it. In fact, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here when I say that most people’s first reaction would be to keep it. However, I think that after a few moments of imagining what I could do with it, I’d come to my senses and get it back to the rightful owner. That money belongs to someone else, so by keeping it, even if you can get away with it, you’re still stealing and there’s no justification for that. (sorry if that biases your answer, but you can still remain anonymous!)

Plus, karma’s a bitch and she’ll always finds you. 🙂

(Cool photo by TW Collins [4])