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Your Take: Your Cleverest Money Hacks

Throughout the years, I’ve seen some clever “money hacks” as a result of just keeping myself aware of the latest trends and tricks in personal finance. I’ve also had the great pleasure of reading all of your comments through the years and I know you guys are a very clever bunch, so I was curious what money hacks you use to get a little extra. You don’t have to be the inventor of the hack or anything like that, but we would love it if you could share it with the rest of us!

I’ll go first. My favorite money hack has to be buying coins from the US mint [3]. I haven’t actually done this but I think this has to be one of the best money hacks out there. You can use this to get some easy cash back, to break through cash back tiers, or to just help the Mint popularize these $1 coins.

Here are a few more:

So what’s your cleverest or favorite money hack?